Marine Gearbox Solutions

We are a leading market supplier of marine reduction gearboxes, Controllable Pitch Propulsion (CPP) systems and service solutions for marine gearboxes.

We design and manufacture marine gearboxes and deliver either the gearbox only or the complete propulsion package including controllable pitch propeller and remote control system.

We offer a full service package on marine gearboxes, controllable pitch propellers and control systems. We aim to ensure maximum availability of the applications our customers operate. Our many years of experience within gearboxes and controllable pitch propulsion packages guarantee our customers the best solutions available. We continuously improve our products and are very particular to follow the leading market developments. This is the foundation of the high quality products, which we are known for.


Controllable Pitch Propulsion

The gearboxes are suitable for a wide range of marine propulsion systems where controllable pitch propellers are used. The controllable pitch propulsion system (CPP system) can be designed for either mechanical or hydraulic operation of the controllable pitch propeller.

ME Production gearboxes are designed specifically to optimize the operation variable pitch propellers under all load conditions. The pitch propeller is adjusted quickly and smoothly from full ahead to full astern by the use of state-of-the-art technology.

CPP System Marine Gearbox Features

  • Completely integrated hydraulic servo system for pitch control which ensures easy installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Compact design
  • High reduction ratios available allowing large diameter, slow rotating propellers with high efficiency resulting in higher thrust and lower fuel consumption
  • Up to 3 PTO’s available per gearbox – each with independent hydraulic clutch if required
  • PTI for hybrid systems
  • Customized gear ratios and PTO/PTI design
  • Either mechanical or hydraulic operation of the propeller pitch
  • Approvals according to latest rules from classification societies


The ME Productions marine gearbox product range covers a power range from 150KW to 10.000KW and includes specialties such as:

  • HS = Built-in hydraulic servo gearbox
  • OD = Gearbox prepared for oil distribution systems
  • HSC = Compact gearbox for high speed vessels
  • PTO = PTO gearbox
  • Twin = Twin-in single-out twingear gearbox
  • HS/LS= Gearbox with long stroke for sailing yachts


Advantages of CPP System

Controllable pitch marine propulsion systems offer a wide range of advantages. The most important are:

  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Economy
  • Maneuverability

A controllable pitch propulsion system ensures that the vessel will feature both maximum towing power and optimum speed. This is only possible using a controllable or variable pitch propulsion system. The CCP system technology ensures that it is always possible to achieve maximum engine efficiency regardless of the operation mode of the vessel. By adjusting the pitch propeller, the engine can operate at maximum power without overloading the system. At lower than maximum vessel speed, fuel consumption can be considerably reduced by lowering the engine RPM while increasing the propeller pitch to maintain the required vessel speed. In this way overall efficiency of the propulsion system is optimized.


All common engine manufactures i.e.:




Yan Mar

ABC Wärtslia


Volvo Penta








 The overall workshop area is divided into separate areas for disassembly and cleaning, welding, grinding, machining, reassembly, testing and finally painting. This ensures the lowest possible particle levels in the various working areas.

Separate machining department with the capacity to carry out all types of repairs to shafts, gearbox and pump housings, various engine parts and related equipment.

ME Production R&D department has the latest and most up-to-date design software at its disposal thus enabling them to carry out extensive calculations on all components either for repair, remanufacturing or a complete redesigned solution.

Spare parts

Spare parts are manufactured in our own machining department or are provided by ME Productions well-equipped sub suppliers.

Please specify gear number, type of gearbox and item number(s) according to spare part drawing when contacting us.

Ordering of spare parts can be done in the normal opening hours of the service department at

If we receive your order before 11.00 am, we guarantee overnight delivery for parts from stock.


Our service hotline number is +45 40 18 67 11.

The hotline service is however not intended for handling spare parts orders.