MEP Inline Scrubber

The MEP inline scrubber system is designed in a compact form that saves considerable space, which is very significant in smaller vessels and in retrofitted solutions.

Our inline scrubber design offers prominent benefits over conventional exhaust gas cleaning systems, while the lower cost structure of the new design offers CAPEX advantages.

With just one scrubber system per engine, installation is faster and easier, which subsequently decreases the out-of-service time for the vessel, and the operational flexibility is improved as well.


Operates in both an Open Loop and Hybrid System

The MEP inline scrubber system operates as a conventional MEP open loop scrubber system but has three water inlets in the main body of the scrubber, as opposed to two in the conventional system. The exhaust flows enter from the bottom and exits at the top, with water being sprayed in three stages in a counter flow to the exhaust.

A MEP designed water trap prevents the scrubbing water from entering the engine. The inline configuration can be offered on the MEP hybrid scrubber system as well.


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