Why choose a ME Production Solution

Meets IMO regulations

ME Production´s solutions offer total compliance with IMO SOx and NOx emission limits that came into force in ECAs in 2015 and worldwide coming in 2020.

Cost-efficient and eco-friendly

ME production´s solutions are the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly solutions on the market.

Lower fuel costs with heavy fuel oil

With our exhaust gas cleaning systems ships can continue to run on the cheaper heavy fuel oil and still meet IMO emission requirements instead of switching to the more expensive low Sulphur fuel. This means significant fuel savings.

Quick return on investment

Fuel savings will pay for the investment in an exhaust gas cleaning system. However, the payback time will of course vary depending on a variety of factors e.g. fuel prices, engine size, fuel consumption, time spend in ECAs and running hours.

For all types of vessels

We offer turnkey solutions suitable for new buildings as well as retrofits. Our solutions fit all types of engines and boilers.

Customized solutions

We offer customized solutions designed to meet customer-specific requirements.


Our system offers an extremely user-friendly interface with touch screen control.

Online access

As the only system on the market, ME Production solutions offer easy online access to emission data.

We work only with the best

We work closely with SCR catalyst manufacturer Haldor Topsoe. We draw on their extensive expertise within the field, sharing knowledge and experience, to ensure our customers the very best solutions.