Scandlines Copenhagen/Berlin

On-shore dosing system


System description:

The system can handle sodium carbonate powder, through a mixing process with salt water. The mixture can be

used as reaction medium in closed loop scrubber systems.

It consists of: seawater inlet, Silo/ storage room (unit 1), pipe-line from silo to container, 20´ container (unit 2) and

piping and rubber hose from container unit to the vessel.


Function Description:

The silo for the sodium carbonate powder is formed so that a tanker truck can blow the powder directly into the

top of the silo through a pipe-system. Silo design makes the powder runs continuously towards the outlet where it

gradually passed 2 pcs. screw conveyors to the first mixing cyclone.

The sea water is pumped directly from a seawater inlet through heated / insulated piping at the quayside into the

pipe system, where it is recycled into the system until it has reached the correct temperature.

Then continue for 2. mixing cyclone, which is the final mixing process before being drained into the storage tank

through preheated/insulated pipeline.