Technology & Requirements

The diesel engine combustion process

  • In marine diesel engines the combustion transforms the energy of the fuel to a mechanical energy that provides forward propulsion, keeps the generators running and produces the electricity needed on board the vessel.

  • The diesel combustion process is noisy and produces relatively high levels of particles as well as oxides of sulphur and oxides of nitrogen called SOx and NOx. The noise, heat, particulate matter, SOx and NOx are emitted through the vessel’s exhaust system.

Emissions of SOx and NOx cause severe environmental damage.

Our goal to develop technologies that significantly reduce SOx and NOx emissions from marine diesel engines, protecting the environment and turning the big blue greener.

There are several technologies that can be integrated into the exhaust gas system and reduce noise, heat, NOx or SOx emissions. Each of these technologies has proven to be very efficient on their own, but they can also be set to work together.

We work with all the different technologies perceiving the exhaust gas system as a whole.