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    MEPRODUCTION encompasses three branches:

    At Marine Exhaust Technology A/S it is our goal to develop technologies that
    significantly reduce SOx and NOx emissions from marine diesel engines,
    protecting the environment and turning the big blue greener...

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    MEPRODUCTION encompasses three branches:

    Mekanord is a leading market supplier of marine reduction gearboxes,
    Controllable Pitch Propulsion (CPP) systems and service solutions for wind
    turbine gearboxes and marine gearboxes.

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    MEPRODUCTION encompasses three branches:

    Toppenberg specialises in steel constructions, machining as well as
    sheet metal fabrication and offers professional and customised
    solutions to a versatile range of industries worldwide.

    Joined forces create stronger solutions

    ME Production encompasses three companies – Mekanord, Marine Exhaust Technology and Toppenberg. Together, the three companies provide a varied range of products, services and solutions to clients from a wide range of sectors including the maritime sector, the food industry, the cement industry as well as the offshore and energy sectors.


    A company structure that works!

    The close partnership between the three companies fosters synergies that are built on the joint strengths and capabilities of excellent, existing organisations. We have come together as one to provide a better service to our customers and to create a basis for joint work and development. The more effectively we work together – sharing knowledge, competencies and resources – the better solutions we will be able to offer our customers.